The Intensive Healing Package is an all loving program where you work closely and guided with Amy Martyn, Holistic Healing Practitioner and Your Higher Self to evolve spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically.

Anyone who is suffering from an illness, disease, depression, or has an intense desire to deepen their spiritual connection & expand their consciousness back to the light. 

The Intensive Healing Program is a 30 day healing journey which includes:

  • 4 Quantum Touch healing sessions, either in person or over the phone (approx 1 per week)

  • 4 Follow up emails after each call explaining what was discussed in the healing session and includes 1-2 holistic healing practices which can be practiced on your own to aid in increased and amplified healing.  
    Practices include: breathing techniques, deep connection meditations, mirror work, science-based affirmations & more

  • Approx 4-6 guidance calls to see how you are feeling, if there are any emotions or sensations coming up, or if you have any questions or comments on the holistic healing practices. 

    The all caring and loving program is designed to be genuinely supportive and provide the love you are truly needing as you embark on your healing journey. 

    Clients have had bones move into harmonious alignment, alleviated pain, spiritual awakenings, and a complete mind shift to loving themselves, others, and life for exactly the way it is.

If this feels like something which would be a good fit for you at this time of your life, you can call to arrange a consultation with Amy to go over any questions you may have.  

From there you can look at your schedule to see when is the best times to either get together or talk over the phone and begin your intensive evolving journey back to love and light. 

"I am very grateful to have met Amy and to have had a session with here. I came across her after watching a YouTube video called E-motion and google search holistic healer and so glad I did. I am a recovering alcoholic with 3 and a half years sober and have had so much healing already and luck enough to have already identified a lot of the reasons for my addiction issues are due to past trauma. Amy met with me and has shown nothing but compassion, understanding, and love in a beautiful nonjudgemental way. She met with me for 2 and a half hours in our first session and there never was any rush, just patient understanding. I identified with her that I still have a lot of fear and she has helped me to start removing that and replacing it with self love and forgiveness. I am so looking forward to continuing this journey with Amy and would recommend it to anyone that wants a better life."  - Murray Parlee

"​After making some significant changes in my life and diving into self-care and a spiritual practice, I found Amy's website and decided to try an Energy Healing session. I had no previous experience with energy work or quantum touch and didn't quite know what to expect. Amy explained how the session would unfold and I was instantly comfortable. Talking about my life and experiences with Amy felt like catching up with an old friend. During our comfortable but raw conversation, I felt completely supported and encouraged. My discussion with Amy during this session was extremely therapeutic. The healing touch component of the session was a powerful physical and emotional experience. Amy guided me to explore my emotions and past while in a meditative state, and I had vivid physical sensations while she worked on different areas of my body. After the healing touch session, I felt emotionally relieved and at peace but simultaneously invigorated. Amy gave me many valuable tips and materials that I can use at home to continue my self care and self improvement. I would definitely recommend working with Amy. She truly has a gift!" - Anne Lise Jones



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