"I am in gratitude for experiencing Amy Martyn's energy healing session which was truly transformational!  She deeply cares about her clients and has the most loving and divine spiritual energy which gently soothes and releases areas of pain in the emotional and energetic body.  I would highly recommend Amy for anyone who wants to release and heal past pain and stuck energy in the body, mind, spirit, and soul!"

Gillian Vellet


"I am very grateful to have met Amy and to have had a session with here. I came across her after watching a YouTube video called E-motion and google search holistic healer and so glad I did. I am a recovering alcoholic with 3 and a half years sober and have had so much healing already and luck enough to have already identified a lot of the reasons for my addiction issues are due to past trauma. Amy met with me and has shown nothing but compassion, understanding, and love in a beautiful non judgemental way. She met with me for 2 and a half hours in our first session and there never was any rush, just patient understanding. I identified with her that I still have a lot of fear and she has helped me to start removing that and replacing it with self love and forgiveness. I am so looking forward to continuing this journey with Amy and would recommend it to anyone that wants a better life."

Murray Parlee


"Absolutely Incredible! I experienced a powerful tingling energy, taking my pain from an 8 to a level 2! Amy truly has a gift.  Her method of quantum energy and the sound of her voice brought the most genuine feelings of love, warmth and healing in our distance healing session.  My knee was extremely sore and swollen from an exercise injury. I was unable to walk up stairs, and could not apply any weight to it without experiencing an intense sharp pain.  After a 30 minute phone session, I tentatively got off the bed to apply a small amount of weight on it. To my surprise, the pain was almost gone and the swelling had gone down!  I was able to walk with just a small discomfort. She gave me wonderful tips for self healing, and each day I practice the continuation of the energy healing process. My pain has subsided immensely! I met with my physician and he was very surprised to see the progress!  I can’t say enough about her healing energy methods, they are truly remarkable!"

Charlene Schumacher


“What an amazing healer. A beautiful serene setting. My first session with Amy was very intense. So many emotional responses to all my aches and pains. Within 36 hours all the physical problems seemed to be gone and Amy’s suggestions for emotional healing have already had impact. I’m looking forward to my next healing session with Amy and my renewed outlook. I have already recommended Amy to others!”

Jacquie Churchill


“To anyone who is on the fence with booking a session with Amy, I highly recommend trying a beautiful healing session. The positive healing energy Amy taps into is truly palpable and did wonders for my physical and spiritual well being. Keep up the good work Amy - I will be back for sure.”

Elton Walker 


"I began seeing Amy for Reiki sessions with the intention of reducing anxiety while increasing mental focus and energy. I went into my first session a bit skeptical, but instead had the most profound experience! I left feeling as though an incredible weight had been lifted and I had been infused with hope and calming energy. Amy is so positive and genuine; you can’t help but leave feeling a million times lighter than when you came!”  

Char Roberts


"I had just fractured my arm only days before and was in a lot of pain and discomfort when Amy introduced me to the idea of energy healing.  Amy conducted a session focused on the healing and recovery of my right arm. Being a massage therapist myself I was unsure of what to expect from the session.  After only a short period of time I was pleasantly surprised when the pain in my shoulder had reduced significantly. I had an increase in my range of motion and my pain went from a 7 to a 1!!  I could not be happier with the result from our first session together and look forward to following up soon!"

Sharon Vargas


"I met Amy at the mind body spirit expo. I walked into the room and signed up for a session with her before knowing what she did. I surrendered into the experience and have had profound insights and healing with every treatment. The treatments all come from pure love and I’m grateful she has come into my path." 

Kim Faber


“It was great to discover that Amy is offering her services in Langford.  “It was palpable, the difference that I felt the rest of the day, with both a decrease in pain and increase in energy to do things. I hope people find out about what she offers & give her a try - you'll be glad you did! Blessings & light to you, Amy! Thanks!”

Ian Byington


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